This program is set up to meet the State of Washington Department of Health Medical Assistant-Phlebotomist Certification requirements. It also meets the needs for student to take the National Healthcare Association national certification exam. The course includes HIV/AIDS training, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, medical terminology, how to avoid pre-analytical errors, and how to be successful in collecting blood samples.  Students will learn how to collect blood samples using all of the tools currently being used in the laboratory industry.

Students will collect blood samples from fellow students to help everyone in class to meet the objectives of the class.  Students will learn how to process samples to get them ready for analysis. Students will learn how to deal with age specific needs of patients, customer service, special collections, and non-blood samples.

This is the prerequisite course to the Advance Phlebotomy Program. Enrollment is limited to 20 participants. The textbook is approximately $135.  As of July 1, 2016 a $75 fee (not paid to Bates) will be required for all students to access the Clinical Placements Northwest ( in order to complete the mandatory HIPAA training needed to receive the Medical Assistant-Phlebotomy credential through the State of Washington.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Information

  • Enrollment is limited to 20 participants
  • Phlebotomy course format: virtual learning (Canvas) and onsite labs
  • Instructors: Tammy Ross, Juanita Apodoca, and Kandi Benson
  • Tuition cost of approximately $540.17
  • Textbook: Phlebotomy Essentials with upd Access and Workbook 7th ed COST: 135.00
  • Steps to Enrollment


PNURS 292 (Item# 4243): Monday and Wednesday 6:00 pm-8:30 pm (10 weeks)

  • Fall quarter 2020 dates Sept 28 – December 9
  • Winter quarter 2021 dates January 4 – March 17 (No class January 18 and February 15)
  • Spring quarter 2021 dates March 29 – June 7 (No class May 31)
  • Summer quarter 2021 dates June 9 – Aug 18 (No class July 5)


PNURS 292 (Item# 4244): Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm-8:30 pm (10 weeks)

  • Fall quarter 2020 dates September 29 – December 8
  • Winter quarter 2021 dates Jan 5 – March 11
  • Spring quarter 2021 dates March 30-June 8 (No class May 21)
  • Summer quarter 2021 dates June 10-Aug 17

Enrollment is limited to one choice only, either the Monday and Wednesday class OR the Tuesday and Thursday class. DO NOT ENROLL FOR BOTH CLASS OPTIONS

Spring quarter enrollment begins February 8, 2021 at 8:00 am.

Payment is required by February 22, 2021. Failure to pay will result in de-registration from the class and result in an open seat. All open seats will be offered for enrollment on February 25, 2021.

Advanced Phlebotomy PNURS 293 (Item# 4246)

  • Fall Quarter 2020 dates Oct 1 – December 10
  • Winter quarter 2021 dates January 7-March 11
  • Spring quarter 2021 dates April 1-June 3
  • Summer quarter 2021 dates June 10-Aug 12


Blood Borne/HIV PNRS112 (Item# 4140) (M and W only)

  • Fall quarter 2020 dates September 30 – October 7
  • Winter quarter dates 2021 January 6-13
  • Spring quarter dates 2021 March 31-April 7
  • Summer quarter dates 2021 June 16-Jun 23


For more information regarding Phlebotomy, please contact the Advising Office at (253) 680-7002.

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