Log into Canvas

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Log into Canvas using your Bates Network Credentials

    • Your user name can be your first initial + your last name OR your first initial, middle initial + your last name.
    • New Students (Summer 2202 or later): Password is “Btc” + ctcLink ID number
    • Continuing Students (Spring 2022 or earlier) Password: “Btc” + legacy SID
    • If you don’t remember your legacy SID, you can look it up here.

If you cannot log in, you can look up your ctcLink ID, Network username and Network password on this page. You can then return to this page and log in using those credentials.

If your username or password doesn’t work, contact IT for assistance at studenthelp@batestech.edu or (253) 680-7055

Still need help?  Email us at olc@batestech.edu

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