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Bates Technical College converted to a new statewide software program called ctcLink in May 2022. ctcLink offers our students and employees a modern way of doing business and a standardized system across all Washington state community and technical colleges.

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Why is ctcLink necessary?

Our current administrative systems (SMS, FMS, and PPMS) are outdated. Washington State Community and Technical Colleges implemented the existing system in 1979. After over 40 years, these systems present a serious failure risk. The database and reporting tools in use are no longer supported. Considerable effort is needed to keep this antiquated system operational and this effort continues to grow and become more expensive every day. There is no ability to improve or upgrade this system.

What are the benefits of ctcLink?

The ctcLink project is a giant leap forward for the entire community and technical colleges (CTC) organization. While there are many benefits both large and small, here are a few highlights for faculty, staff, and students:

  • ID Numbers – Students and staff will have a single, electronic record with one ID number, available to all 34 colleges.
  • Admissions Application – Future students will have one admission application process regardless of where or when they decide to attend.
  • Financial Aid Process – New and returning students will have a single financial aid application process.
  • Student Monitoring Tools – Students will be able to monitor their ‘time to degree’ and advisors can audit the process.
  • Course Catalog – Students will have access to a centralized catalog of courses.
  • Single Electronic Record – Faculty and staff will have a single electronic record with one ID number.
  • Mobility – Access to information from any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) anytime or anywhere.
  • Modern Online Tools –  Designed with an intuitive and customizable user experience across the entire platform.
  • Standardization –  Common processes to provide an efficient and effective experience.
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