Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Bates Technical College enriches our diverse communities by inspiring student learning, challenging greater achievement, and educating for employment.

Our Vision
Bates Technical College helps students realize their potential for growth and success through innovative instruction in a nurturing, diverse environment. Students achieve their career and personal goals, strengthening the region’s social and economic vibrancy. Strong local and global partnerships with business, industry, labor and the public make the college a respected contributor to community vitality.

Our Strategic Goals
Bates measures mission fulfillment through four strategic goals.

  1. Workforce Education: We are committed to providing high quality training that helps students realize their potential for growth and success through innovative instruction.
  2. Student Centered: Bates supports students, enabling them to succeed, to aspire to education, to reach their educational  goals and transition successfully to further education or employment.
  3. General Education:  Bates recognizes that the skills and knowledge attained through general and related education are essential to success and ensuring well-rounded learners.
  4. Community Relationships: Strong local and global partnerships with business, industry, labor and the public make the college a respected, effective community resource, contributing to local community vitality.

Our Values
We strive to ensure that we exceed customer expectations and to ensure that every person benefits from their contact with Bates. We fulfill our mission , vision, and goals by being committed to the following values

We Value Education
We enthusiastically embrace the education and training needs of students, staff, employers, and the community by:

  • providing opportunities for students to satisfy diverse educational goals by offering competency-based education in career, academic, developmental and extended learning programs
  • providing career education that is delivered by faculty who are industry experts, in an environment that replicates the workplace
  • promoting a philosophy that values lifelong learning among students and staff
  • hiring and developing faculty and staff who are committed to the education of students as well as their own professional development

We Develop Life Skills
We promote those qualities that help one be successful in life by:

  • helping students to master human relations, communication, mathematical, and computer skills such that they can participate fully in the world around them
  • helping students recognize when information is needed and facilitating the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively and efficiently
  • modeling behaviors consistent with community and workplace expectations
  • infusing an appreciation for the diversity that exists within our society into program curriculum and staff development activities

We are Responsive
We respond to the changing needs of the community by:

  • periodically reviewing and validating curriculum to ensure that it meets industry needs and is consistent with best practices
  • encouraging economic development through partnerships with business and industry

We Honor Our Customers
We satisfy customer expectations by:

  • effectively assisting students in their educational endeavors
  • providing services that meet the complex and changing needs of students, in a warm and welcoming environment
  • prudently managing college resources

We Nurture a Positive Environment
We provide a collegial environment in which all people are treated with respect and encouraged to excel by:

  • providing an environment in which a diverse body of students, faculty and staff can thrive
  • committing to shared decision-making and interest-based problem-solving processes

Diversity Statement
Diversity supports the mission of Bates Technical College. Respecting and promoting diversity is vital to the education of our students and to the learning environment of our campus community. We foster an atmosphere where each of us is valued for our intellectual and cultural perspectives, increasing our ability to reflect critically and resolve challenges. We share a wealth of experiences that strengthens us individually and as a society. As students and educators we commit to building a diverse and engaged community.