Worker Retraining

Bates Technical College offers several programs that may be able to provide you with the financial assistance you need to attend college. In addition to the financial aid packages and scholarships for which all students may apply, there are some programs designed to provide aid to individuals in specific circumstances.

Worker Retraining program

The Worker Retraining program was established to provide financial support, under specific circumstances, to cover tuition, books, child care and transportation for those who are unemployed and pursuing an education to improve their employability. Funds, if awarded, can provide assistance to aid individuals in training for a new career or upgrading skills to regain employment in a professional technical field.

You may be eligible for Worker Retraining funding if you:

  • Have received unemployment benefits, from any state, anytime during the past 48 months
  • Are a displaced homemaker (no longer supported by spousal income) due to death, divorce/legal separation or spousal layoff
  • Have separated from the military within the past 48 months
  • Were formerly self-employed but are now unemployed due to general economic conditions (business closure)

Care must be taken by individuals who want to attend school while collecting unemployment benefits in order to maintain your eligibility for benefits. There are two programs administered by Employment Security that such individuals should investigate:

Commissioner Approved Training (CAT) allows you to collect your regular unemployment benefits while attending an approved, full-time training program. To apply for CAT, visit

Training Benefits (TB) The Training Benefits program offers additional weeks of unemployment benefits so eligible claimants can train for careers in high-demand fields. To apply for TB, visit

To view/print information about your unemployment insurance claim, visit

Short-term Training and Certificates (Eligible for VIE-25 funding)

Are you interested in taking short-term training? Check out these options (pdf).

For more information about the Worker Retraining program, contact Shondea Chapman, Worker Retraining Specialist, 253.680.7127 or