Work Study Custodian

Job FieldAnswer
Job TitleWork Study Custodian
DepartmentFacilities & Operations
CampusDowntown Campus
SupervisorVladimir Popescu
Supervisor's Phone Number253.680.7144
Hourly Rate14.00
Job Summary

The Work Study Custodian performs entry-level custodial duties including general cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing of college spaces under the direction and supervision of the Facilities and Operations Manager and/or designee. Work may include disinfecting high touch items like door handles, desks, tables, keyboards, and other areas that may be subject to contamination by disease organisms.

*Note: This positions is open for all three campuses.

Essential Functions

The Work Study Custodian performs the following essential functions as trained, assigned and directed by the Supervisor and/or designee:

  • Removes trash from assigned areas and transports to disposal site
  • Sweeps, dust mops/wet mops, floors
  • Vacuums carpets
  • Cleans, sanitizes and disinfects classrooms, offices, restrooms, doors, walls, counters etc.
  • Moves furniture and equipment as directed
  • Reports problems like water leaks, burned out lights, malfunctioning equipment or damaged surfaces to the supervisor and/or the Facilities & Operations office
  • Maintains tools, work areas, and assigned custodial closets in a clean, orderly, and well organized fashion at all times
Statement of Educational Benefits

The Work Study Custodian will gain the knowledge and basic skills needed to perform entry-level custodial duties in a higher education facility.


Minimum Qualifications
  • Current enrollment at Bates Technical College
  • Meets the criteria of the Work Study Program
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Use of various hand and tools used in the custodial trade
  • Interpersonal skills (e.g. effective team member; works well with diverse group of people)
  • Courteous and responsive customer service with internal and external audiences of the College
  • Maintain regular and reliable attendance on the job to best support business needs of the department and college
  • Consistently maintain confidentiality and sensitivity with internal and external audiences
  • Able to communicate, work safely, understand instructions and recognize hazardous, unsafe materials and/or products
  • Demonstrated understanding and ability to acknowledge and respect individual’s values and opinions to foster a harmonious working relationship with others