OTA Work-Study Position

Job Field Answer
Job Title OTA Work-Study Position
Department OTA Program
Campus Downtown Campus
Supervisor Marge Luthman
Supervisor's Phone Number 253.680.7108
Hourly Rate 14.00
Job Summary

Student will be responsible for copying needed work via instructors, organization of files for AFWC, Program Director and clinical space, organization of equipment and supplies in clinical and classroom space, organization of assessment kits, creation of documents for inventory of equipment and supplies for Allied Health move, cleaning as needed, creation of variety of documents to assist with course organization. 

Essential Functions
  • Alphabetizing documents and filing 
  • Organizing files for fieldwork sites 
  • Copying/scanning documents for accreditation purposes 
  • Word processing and proofreading 
  • Develop Excel spreadsheets and data entry 
  • Copying/scanning documents 
  • Photocopying, laminating pictures of supplies and equipment for clinic space 
  • Assist in a variety of administrative functions within the office  
  • May be required to assist with special projects 
  • Composing worksheets that enhance organization of cabinets, cupboards, kitchen and storage areas in the clinic areas 
  • Creating documents for inventory and assessment kits 
Statement of Educational Benefits

By working in a program that includes classroom tasks but more so clinic tasks, a student better understands the intricacies needed to make educational courses meaningful to students which enhance student’s learning ability and overall professional behaviors needed to be successful as an employee.   

Minimum Qualifications
  • Enrollment at Bates with the ability to compute legible documents that are provided by instructors 
  • Available to work after school 
  • Available to ask questions when confused about instructions 
  • Typing, scanning, placing orders, organizing and filing skills 


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Good spelling, grammar and punctuation skills, computer skills, photo copying skills, use of laminating machine, printing and producing pictures for organization purposes, filing, organizing, self-initiative and the ability to follow directions and work independently with guidance from instructors.   
  • Attend to HIPAA and FERPA training and issues from the federally mandated laws  
  • Dependable and reliable with schedule 
  • Trustworthy and confidential since students may be filing data of students.   


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