HVAC/R Assistant

Job FieldAnswer
Job TitleHVAC/R Assistant
CampusSouth Campus
SupervisorJoseph Lyons
Supervisor's Phone Number253.680.7255
Hourly Rate14.00
Job Summary

Under the direction of the HVAC/R Service Technician instructor supervisor(s), the work study will assist in maintaining the cleanliness, origination, and day to day operations of HVAC/R Service Technician Program.  

Essential Functions

Maintain and organize the tool room and shop equipment, assist with inventory supplies and materials that need to be ordered, assist in processing shop jobs, perform light cleaning duties, as well as assist the supervisor(s) with additional necessary tasks. 

Statement of Educational Benefits

This position provides invaluable experience in day-to-day HVAC\R Service Technician Program management and operations, bookkeeping, and the opportunity to develop customer service skills.

Minimum Qualifications

EPA 608 Universal Refrigerant Handlers Card 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Must be able to work independently with a high degree of accuracy. 
  • Follow directions with attention to detail. 
  • Punctual and responsible   
  • Must wear appropriate attire and personal protective equipment when necessary.
  • Always follow safety protocol   
  • Ability to communicate effectively. 


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