eLearning Work-Study Assistant

Job FieldAnswer
Job TitleeLearning Work-Study Assistant
CampusCentral Campus
SupervisorTim Trussler
Supervisor's Phone Number253.680.7294
Hourly Rate14.00
Job Summary

This position will assist teachers who have difficulties creating content in Canvas.  The position will entail creating quizzes, pages, and assignments in Canvas.

Essential Functions

The essential function of the job is to take paper and digital versions of materials and convert them into materials in Canvas.

Statement of Educational Benefits

This position will provide practice in creating accurate content in a digital format. It will also involve academic integrity and confidentiality. The worker will need to manage projects and timelines, to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Typing speed of 50 WPM with high accuracy 
  • Confidential handling of materials 
  • Familiarity with online learning environments