Technical High School partners with InvestED to help students

Posted: November 01, 2017

Many of our students come from homes where there is great financial hardship. The Bates Technical High School participates in InvestED (formerly the Saul Haas foundation), which will provide funding to help cover fees, materials, transportation, and other costs that can be barriers to their education.

Here’s the best part: Along with the standard annual funds InvestED provides, every year, InvestED matches any local donations up to a total of $500. Last year, thanks to your donations, we were able to provide our students with financial assistance totaling more than $1,000!

Here is how YOU can help! There are two ways to donate:

  • Make a donation of any size through the financial secretary at either the Downtown or South Campus. Be sure to say that you are making a donation to the InvestED account.
    1. Send a COPY of the receipt to David Chappell, Technical High School, 2201 S 78th Street, Tacoma, WA 98409, so that he can keep track and report the total donations to InvestED; or
  • Donations of $50 or more can be made through the InvestED web site: On the form where it says “I want my donation to be dedicated:” put Bates Technical High School.

Either way, InvestED will match our total donations up to $500! That’s correct. If we raise $200, we will have $400 to help our students. If we raise $500, we will have $1,000.

Thank you so much for your consideration. We have students in need of help today!