Student Conduct

At Bates Technical College, we strive to create productive learning communities that enable all students to reach their maximum potential. The principles that guide the learning community can be found in the Student Code of Conduct, which is detailed in the Student Handbook

All students who have allegedly violated the Student Code of Conduct are entitled to due process. Due process, including the right to appeal a disciplinary decision, is listed below. Please note that conduct documents are not part of a student’s academic file and can only be made available via public information request.

The information here is intended to guide the Bates Technical College community only through alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. There are different college resources for students involved in other kinds of grievances. Please see the list below for guidance on other college policies.

Important Forms

Student Conduct Procedure

1. Faculty members and administrators are authorized to take appropriate action to maintain order and proper conduct on the college premises.

2. If a faculty member determines that a student has created a disruption which makes it unreasonably difficult to maintain the learning and teaching environment or the decorum of the class or activity, he/she may suspend that student from the class or activity for up to a total of three (3) days, including the day of the disruption. Students who are suspended from the classroom by faculty are still required to attend their other classes unless otherwise notified by the student conduct officer.

3. The faculty member shall report the disruption via the Student Incident Report Form located on this webpage. If an incident involves multiple students, then a separate form must be submitted for each student. The Student Incident Report Form notifies the student conduct officer and therefore must be submitted the same day the incident occurs. In the event of a faculty-issued suspension, the student conduct officer shall have the option to treat the suspension as insufficient and initiate further discipline. A full list of sanctions is available in the Student Handbook.

4. Prior to return from suspension, an administrator will meet with the student. At the meeting, the student will be supplied with written notification of the disruptive behavior as well as the behavioral expectations moving forward.

5. The suspension of up to three (3) days, including the day of the disruption, and any further discipline imposed by the student conduct officer may be subject to student appeal. The student must complete and submit the Student Conduct Appeal Form within ten (10) business days of the date that discipline was imposed. The Student Conduct Appeal Form should be submitted according the procedures listed on the form.

a. Appeals for expulsions and suspensions for ten (10) days or more will be administered by the Student Conduct Committee

b. Appeals for all other sanctions including suspensions for less than ten (10) days will be administered by brief adjudicative proceeding (BAP) overseen by the Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success.

c. Students will be advised of their secondary appeal options at the conclusion of their first appeal.

6. While suspended from classes and/or activities, the student is expected to complete as much coursework as possible. Punitive grades for late assignments, tests and participation or attendance are at faculty discretion.

7. The college reserves the right to disclose all details surrounding the incident to additional faculty, administrators, instructional deans, campus safety, high school principal, student conduct officers, members of the Student Conduct Committee and/or vice presidents as the college deems necessary.

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