Master Course Outline (MCO) Form

All courses must provide a Master Course Outline (MCO)

  • An approved MCO for a given course becomes a shared template used collegewide by all instructors who will teach that course, regardless of the delivery mode.
  • Although using an approved MCO means that the course title, goals and learning outcomes will be identical for all offerings of a given course, the assignments, textbooks, and presentation of the content may vary according to the instructor’s preference.
  • These variations are documented in instructors’ syllabi, which reflect the academic freedom accorded to individual instructors’ offerings of a course.
  • New MCO Update Forms must be submitted to document any changes to previously approved MCO content.
  • A change in delivery mode only may not require a new MCO.

Master Course Outline (MCO) Update Forms can be found on the employee intranet.

*For help text, use Adobe Reader when filling out the form.