Assessing Program Student Learning Outcomes

Assessing Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLO)

Alongside course and institution student outcomes, Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) represent the skills and abilities required for workplace success in each career-technical field.

Under the guidance of the Assessment Task Force (ATF), the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA) form provides a structured approach for PSLO assessment. Using Bates Technical College’s (BTC) curriculum mapping tools, the SLOA process asks each program to evaluate at least one PSLO and one or more course outcomes (CSLOs) supporting that PSLO.

The form calls for instructors to record the assessment method(s) used, student performance results, a reflection, and finally any intended changes for future offerings. SLOA forms are submitted electronically to the ATF for feedback and record-keeping. The form allows programs to identify resource requests, which ATF routes requests to the appropriate recipients — typically the program’s dean, the Online Learning Center, the library, or ATF members themselves — for follow-up.

The annual SLOA cycle requires programs to assess at least one PSLO during each quarter, followed by a summer reflective activity that looks back at the full year. An online reporting tool summarizes both institutional and program data from each SLOA cycle, allowing for an institutional analysis.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA) Tableau Dashboard

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