Teaching and Learning

The mission of the Assessment and Curriculum committees is to assist faculty and staff in developing processes to establish a clear educational philosophy; it provides an articulation of what students should know and be able to do and supports faculty in how to achieve these goals.

Assessment and curriculum development is an ongoing, multi-step process for planning and implementing a high quality instructional program. It:

  • defines program goals and expected learning outcomes;
  • creates a framework that provides a way to evaluate and improve student learning;
  • provides information that can be used to determine whether or not intended outcomes are being achieved; and
  • uses a variety of methods of assessment to measure student learning.

Additionally, the committees assist faculty in the creation and documentation of the following:

  • program outcomes for all career training programs
  • master course outlines for all courses at the college
  • course/program syllabi
  • course/program/department assessment plans

Need information? Forms and templates for curriculum development and assessment may be found at left under ‘Related Documents’, or at AllBates\#1Current Curriculum #1A – #1J (accessible only from your college computer).