Student Work-Study Program

The Bates Technical College Financial Aid Office offers on-campus work-study positions that help provide jobs for eligible students. Work-Study employment is meant to be a productive experience for everyone involved: the student, the employer, and the institution as well as the community. The Work-Study program encourages community service work and work related to your course of study.

What is work-study?
Work-study employment is a type of financial aid that a student earns in the form of a paycheck. The program is either federally funded or state funded. The funds are intended to help offset educational expenses. Wages are earned by working on campus.

Goals of the program

  • To provide employment opportunities for eligible students to finance their college education. Students can also get experience related to their area of study and pursue career training.
  • To provide opportunities for student employees to gain on-the-job training and work experience while attending school.
  • To prepare students for future employment by providing experience with hiring, training, supervision, relations with the public and other staff members. Work-Study students can make career decisions and future job placement determinations while attending classes and performing their job duties.

Am I Eligible?

To participate, you must:

  • Have a completed FASFA or WASFA application on file
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Registered for a minimum of six (6) financial aid-eligible credits per quarter
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Be authorized to work in the United States
  • Not owe a repayment or be in default on any state or federal program
  • Meet the priority processing deadlines.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be awarded a specific amount of Work-Study funds, which will determine the number of hours per week you may work. Depending on the number of hours you work and your rate of pay, it is possible that you may not earn your entire award. 

Funds that are not earned will not be given to you at a later time. Work-Study is limited and is awarded on a first come first serve basis. Receiving a Work-Study award does not guarantee you a position. You must apply early and meet the priority processing deadlines.


Steps to Apply for Work-Study for Students and Supervisors

Student procedures to apply

  1. Send your resume and student ID number to (Students are required to use their Bates Technical College email address instead of their personal email to ensure receipt of resume.) Allow 2-3 business days for processing.
  2. Work-study eligibility cards will be issued if you meet the requirements for the work-study program. (See the Financial Aid Office for questions.)
  3. If you receive an eligibility card, visit the Work-Study Job Opportunities page to search for available positions.
  4. Email the supervisor listed on the job you desire. The supervisor will then schedule an interview if you meet the qualifications.
  5. You must attend the interview with the work-study eligibility card that was issued to you.
  6. The work-study eligibility card will be signed by the supervisor, if hired.
  7. You must submit your signed eligibility card to the Financial Aid Office, Downtown Campus, Room A208, at which time you will complete a Washington State Conviction Criminal History Record request (RCW 10.97) and schedule your orientation. Allow 2-3 hours for orientation and training. Be prepared to provide required items listed on the ‘What to Bring’ check list.


Hiring procedures for supervisors

  1. Contact the Financial Aid Office to post your open position on the Bates Technical College website.
  2. Check email for interested candidates.
  3. Contact students you wish to interview and remind them to bring the work-study eligibility card to the interview. Do not interview candidates who do not have a work-study eligibility card.
  4. If you wish to hire a student, sign the student’s work-study eligibility card.
  5. The student will then submit the work-study eligibility card to the Financial Aid Office in room A208, at which time they will complete a Washington State Conviction Criminal History Record request (RCW 10.97) and schedule their orientation.
  6. Students should not begin working until orientation is completed.
  7. Contact the Financial Aid Office when your student employee leaves the position.

Please note that participation in the work-study program could reduce future student loan requests.

Contact Information
Jamie Huey
Downtown Financial Aid Office, A208

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