Financial Literacy

Solutions to help you succeed

To help you make smart choices about your finances, Bates Technical College has teamed up with Student Connections to provide financial education that is interactive and easy to use.

Through our partnership, we are able to offer students:

  • free student loan counseling
  • help students establish the best loan repayment options
  • financial literacy app: WhichWay

About Student Connections
Student Connections is passionate about helping students overcome the barriers that can get in the way of attending college, completing their programs of study and achieving success while in school and after graduation. With more than 50 years of experience in counseling student loan borrowers, their primary goal is to help establish the best repayment plan for each individual.

About the financial literacy app WhichWay
WhichWay is an interactive, free app that can help teach students life skills like managing their time, budgeting, managing their credit and their money.

Q and A

How do I download the WhichWay app on my phone?

To begin, go to your phone’s app store and search for “WhichWay”. The app is free to download.

Can I download WhichWay on my iPad?

WhichWay was developed as a native mobile application for smartphones. However, iPad tablets do allow users to download and use mobile applications on the tablet. It simply requires additional navigation and filters within the app store to find and download WhichWay.

Please note:

  • Because WhichWay is not a native iPad app, the display does not fill the entire screen of the iPad. Rather it appears the same size as if it were on a smartphone.
  • In some cases, the keyboards cover input fields making the login process more difficult.
  • Outside of those known issues, the registration process and app functionality is the same as on a smartphone.

Steps to Download WhichWay on iPad

  1. When the user goes to the App Store, the user should type “whichway” (all one word) into the search field in the top right of the screen. Select •whichway• (the one with bullets on each end of the word).
  2. If upon initial selection, our app does not appear, it is likely because the app store search is filtering to show “iPad Only”. Check the top left section of the screen and if it says “iPad Only”, change it to “iPhone Only”.

Why doesn’t WhichWay recognize my email address for registration?

In order to have access to WhichWay, the email address entered must match what Student Connections has on file. This is likely your school email address. If you are having difficulty, you can contact Student Connections for support at

I registered, but I can’t log in.

Did you verify your email address? Once registration is complete, you will receive an email from Follow the instructions in the email to verify your account

How to contact Student Connections:

  • Visit
  • Call (866) 311-9450

Watch how Student Connections can assist during COVID-19

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