Student Led Clubs

What is a club?

A club is a group or organization open to any and all currently-enrolled Bates students who share similar interests or purposes. These interests may include culture, hobbies, sports, leisure activities or even activities related to current or future professional goals.

Purpose and benefits of student clubs

Clubs are coordinated through the Campus Life & Activity Center, and provide students with the opportunity to learn leadership skills, work in diverse groups, and form communities around similar interests or goals.

Clubs assist in enhancing social and professional skills by encouraging students to:

o   Develop leadership qualities and skills
o   Network at a college and community level
o   Feel connected to the campus community
o   Work in diverse groups
o   Establish and refine teamwork related skills
o   Form lasting relationships


Student Led Club Documents


Current Clubs

Bates ESports
To enhance the Bates Technical College community by providing a dynamic event center that fosters engagement for a significant segment of student body, while providing a safe and accessible place to engage in gaming and it’s ancillary activities. Bates Technical College has an esports club that competes collegiately across multiple titles. The Bates Technical College Esports team is open and available to all! For more information, or to join: – Program Coordinator

Dungeon & Dragons Club
To play Dungeons & Dragons. The club meeting times are and location: The second full week of each month at noon, in the Facilities Maintenance Hop. For more information, or to join: Seth Tribble – President; Cameron LaFreniere  – Advisor.

Bates Veteran’s Club
The mission of the veterans’ club is to have a safe and productive environment for veterans within the Bates community. Helping veterans come together and seek opportunities to make an impact at Bates Technical College and to assist the veteran community at Bates in succeeding in their college goals. The club is open to all who wish to help and support the Veterans on campus. Meetings are Wednesday , Biweekly at 10am in the Student Center at South Campus and synchronously on Zoom. For more information, contact Advisor

The Innovation Club
The Innovation club is a combination of Diesel Tech and Engineering and exists to help students apply learned classroom knowledge on practical projects that they wish to build outside of instruction time. The club is open to all who have an interest in diesel tech and engineering. The meetings are Biweekly in the Diesel Shop Area on Wednesday 12:30-2. For more information, contact Advisor

The Student Occupational Therapy Association Club is a community meant to nurture, educate, and assist aspiring Occupational Therapy Assistants. The SOTA Club is dedicated to creating a learning community that advocates and serves. Students will learn to uphold the core principles of occupational therapy, enhance their skills, and positively impact the lives of people and communities. Through teamwork, empathy, and ongoing development, club members aspire to emerge as prominent figures in the field of occupational therapy and as strong advocates for the individuals they support. Club meetings are held Every other Thursday in the OTA Room 308 at 3:00 p.m. President: Jordan Willis Advisor: Leah Thompson
Cyber Security ClubThe Cyber Security Club is a hub for students interested in Cyber Security outside of the classroom. The club meets and organizes to study for tests, prepare projects, workshop outside of class and attend off-campus trips to companies, museums, and conferences. The Cyber Security club also connects students with potential employment in the Cyber Security Field. The club meetings are weekly at Noon on Monday and Friday in the Cybersecurity Classroom. President: Advisor: Joseph Kauer