Strategic Planning 2023-2024


Starting Fall 2023, Bates Technical College will write a new Strategic Plan for 2024-2029. The college’s prior plan expired in 2022, just before BTC’s full-scale reaccreditation in 2022-23.  Bates opted to wait for the accreditors’ feedback before launching a new planning cycle in the Summer 2023.

To maintain continuity, the new plan will build on the old plan’s foundation, maintaining its structure of three to five overarching goals, each with a handful of key supporting strategies, along with a few success measures for each.

The first phase of the effort is to invite a broad-based critique of the old plan to determine what to keep, reject, modify, or add.  Additional inputs, including socioeconomic data and comments from community members, will further shape the plan.

The final product, expected in spring 2024, will inform the annual President’s Work Plan goals as well as the operational plans of departments college-wide.

You can follow the plan’s development and provide feedback here.

Bates in 2029: Vision words from Opening Day 2023

Bates in 2029: Vision words from Opening Day 2023

Feedback summaries


  • August 2023: Board Retreat
  • September 2023: Opening Day
  • October 2023: Planning Team Retreat
  • January 2024: Feedback Forums
  • February 2024: Governance Reviews
  • March-April 2024: Board Approval