Spotlight on Students: Cybersecurity student says staff help them find their voice, increase campus involvement

Posted: February 17, 2021

Student Kimberly Nwankolo

Student Kimberly Nwankolo says, “I chose Cybersecurity because for one, I love working with computers, & this seemed like an incredible opportunity…”

Meet Kimberly Nwankolo, Cybersecurity Program

How long have you attended Bates, and in what program? 

I am in the Cybersecurity Program, I’ve been at Bates since March 2020 (started in Spring). 

Why did you choose this program? 

I chose Cybersecurity because for one I love working with computers, & this seemed like an incredible opportunity to learn behind the scenes of computers, the systems, & different threats and attacks and how to prevent it. 

What is your favorite thing about attending Bates?  

One thing I love about Bates Technical College is how inclusive they are.  My first week at Bates I felt so welcomed by the Campus dean, staff and students. Going into the 1st few weeks I had already connected with my classmates & made a group chat where we are able to work together through class problems ask each other for help and feedback regarding projects.

Also, during my first few weeks and going on, I applied for an ASG position at Bates Tech, and ever since then it has been an amazing journey, not only meeting out College President Lin Zhou, but getting to know my ASG team. Bates has a knack for not only helping students find their voice, but also connecting with students to get them involved. 

What do you like to do when you’re not at school?

I do Devotional Facebook lives on Friday’s at 7:30pm; Singing; Serving at church (kids ministries – worship leader & teacher)

How has the Pandemic affected you with school? 

One way that is has affected me is not being able to be able to sit in class with my classmate’s face to face, & that hands-on learning since we work with computers, but my instructor has been able to come up with effective ways to change that.    

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?  

The best advice I have gotten is: “You Reap What You Sow 

What do you find most challenging at Bates?  

The most challenging thing for is not being on Campus all the time, I like the fact of being able to see staff and students face to face. There is a different feeling you get just seeing others whether in class or not (the true college feeling), in all honesty it might be hard but it is not impossible. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?  

My Mother 

What is the most important change you see happening at Bates?  

I am not on campus at all, but online there is so much, they are always looking for input’s on how to make online school life better whether changing up some things on the Bates website to make it easier access for students both on Canvas and the Bates website itself. 

What traits define you? 

Loyalty, Devotion, Grit & Optimism 

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