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The welding program prepares students for employment, including apprenticeship, in many industries, including aerospace, maritime, energy, construction and transportation. Students build skills across multiple processes, receiving training from Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) faculty. One of only two Washington colleges accredited by the American Welding Society (AWS), students can complete their studies with an associate’s degree and multiple welding certifications, including WABO (Washington Association of Building Officials). With an emphasis on hands-on training, graduates leave the welding program with both classroom knowledge and work experience. The program also has a strong reputation for giving back to the community, and, in particular, has been recognized for its contributions to Pierce County Parks and Recreation’s Fantasy Lights event.

Contact Information:

Jason Carroll, Career Advisor

South Campus

Day 12-5 PM / Evening 5-10PM

  • Get the skills you need for the career you want.

More about the program:

Students prepare for apprenticeship employment as welders, filling positions in industries including shipbuilding, industrial construction, energy fields, sheet metal, and auto body. Extensive practical training in all aspects of welding is included as students work in the shop on a variety of welding projects. Upon completion of the welding competencies, students are encouraged to take the certification tests for the American Welding Society and the Washington Association of Building Officials. This program also provides extended learning for persons previously or currently employed in these professions.  

Note: Through an Opportunity Grant, special tuition and book funding is available to assist low-income adult students entering this program.


Degrees & Certificates:

  • Associate of Applied Science: Welding
  • Certificate of Competency: Welder
  • Certificate of Training: Welder I & Welder II
  • CIP: 48.0508

Program Lengths:

  • AAS program degree length: 6 Quarters
  • Certificate of Competency: 7 Quarters
  • Certificate of Training: 2 Quarters

Faculty and Other Contact Information:

Eric Johnson



Liberty Olson



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Tuition and Fees

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  • National Median Salary: $42,490
  • National Potential Annual Job Openings: 43,400

This information is based on data from O*Net, captured on June 2021.

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