Digital Media

Gain the knowledge needed for a visual medium with leading-edge technology.

Do you love to create and direct your own short films, music videos or commercials? Are you fascinated with 3D imagery and character animation? If you dream of learning the technical and creative aspects of the dynamic digital media industry, then consider the Digital Media program. The constant implementation of new technology makes this a fast-moving field, a good fit for the student who seeks a career in a visual medium with leading-edge technology.

Contact Information:

Bob Traufler, Career Advisor

Central / Mohler Campus

7:30AM - 4:00PM

  • Get the skills you need for the career you want.

More about the program:

Digital media is a key component in film, television, video and website production, and encompasses a variety of projects, from filming and editing to digital animation and computer games. The constant implementation of new technology makes this a fast-moving field, a good fit for the student who seeks a career in a visual medium with leading-edge technology. Instruction includes production and editing software and the opportunity to achieve practical experience working on a variety of studio projects. Employment opportunities for digital media professionals include work as creative services editors, video editors and graphics editors for production studios, film companies, web design companies, advertising and multimedia companies. The program also provides extended learning opportunities for persons previously or currently employed in the industry.

Degrees & Certificates:

  • Associate of Applied Science: Digital Media
  • AAS Transfer: Digital Media
  • Certificate of Competency: Digital Media
  • Certificate of Training: Video Production
  • Certificate of Training: Editing
  • Certificate of Training: Imaging
  • Certificate of Training: Motion Graphics
  • CIP: 11.0801

Program Lengths:

  • AAS degree program length: 6 quarters
  • AAST degree program length: 6 quarters
  • Certificate of Competency: 4 quarters
  • Certificate of Training: 1 quarter

Faculty and Other Contact Information:

Brian Parker


Kevin Gibson


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Tuition and Fees

At Bates, our tuition is affordable and there are options to help make it even easier to gain an education. Federal aid is available for many of our students. Scholarships are also available through the Bates Foundation.

See if you qualify for other funding through our special funding programs with the Workforce Education office.

Digital Media program materials list 

  1. 2 TB external hard drive (e.g., Western Digital) 7200 RPM. SSD is optional.
  2. Minimum two (2) 64 GB USB thumb drives.
  3. Minimum two (2) 64 GB SD cards – Class 10. Read/Write enabled (Minimum speed: 95Mbps)
  4. Over-the-ear “flat” headphones for critical listening/audio mix. Sony 7506 is recommended. (Please do not get Beatz/Bose/Skullcandy, etc., as these are “tailored” for effect.)
  5. Earbuds, for non-critical listening (e.g., watching training videos.)
  6. A physical notebook and writing utensils for note-taking.
  7. Access to a cell phone that takes digital photos & video.
  • National Median Salary: $72,520
  • National Potential Annual Job Openings: 8,300

This information is based on data from O*Net, captured on April 2020.

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