Dental Lab Technician

The only fully accredited ADA Dental Lab Technician program in Washington state.

Students in the Dental Lab Technician program learn the art and science of designing and fabricating dental prosthesis, which includes full and partial dentures, orthodontic appliances, gold and porcelain crowns and bridges. Technological advances include computer-aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing which is in high demand. Students are prepared for employment through work-based learning credits in their second year of the program. Bates offers the only fully accredited ADA dental lab technician program in Washington State. If you want a career that combines artistry with computer digital technology, consider the Dental Lab Technician program.

General Information

Career Advisor: Jason Carroll
253.680.7002 |

Location: Downtown Campus
Hours: 7:30AM - 3:00PM

Program Length: Four Quarters

  • National Median Salary$40,440
  • National Potential Annual Job Openings5,100

This information is base on data from April 2020. For updated information, visit careeronestop, a database sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Tuition and Fees

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Associate of Applied Science
CIP:  51.0603EPC:  311 

Students prepare for employment in dental laboratories, fabricating orthodontic appliances, complete and partial dentures, and gold or porcelain crowns and bridges. The curriculum complies with American Dental Association guidelines and is the only fully accredited ADA dental lab technician program in Washington State. Instructors of this program are certified dental technicians. 


  1. A high school diploma or GED. 
  2. Applicants must be fully ready to enter into general education courses. This entry requirement may be satisfied by providing the registrar with official transcripts showing completion of general education courses, or by satisfactory completion of placement tests that enable the student to enroll directly into required general education courses.  
  3. Applicants must take and pass an evaluation of hand-eye coordination techniques and demonstrate their ability to visualize three-dimensional forms.  If applicants do not pass the written visual and dexterity evaluation, they have the option to take a hands-on wax carving test to demonstrate their ability; applicants must satisfactorily complete the hands-on wax carving test. 

At the successful completion of the program curriculum, students will be able to:


Bates instructors are industry experts who enjoy working with and teaching students.


  • Robert Criss

    253.680.7313 | Email

  • Kris Merriman

    253.680.7312 | Email

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