Learn the skills needed to protect organizations from cyber threats.

Earn your Associate of Applied Science-Transfer (AAS-T) degree and an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) in Cybersecurity at Bates Technical College. Learn information technology practices, and processes to protect and defend computers, programs, networks and databases from unauthorized access and attacks. The goal of the program is to deliver a deep technical foundation in cybersecurity and general education coursework for employment in high demand. The program prepares graduates for employment or to transfer to Bachelor of Applied Science programs.

General Information

Career Advisor: Dan Eberle
253-680-7010 |

Location: Central / Mohler Campus
Hours: 7:30AM - 4:00PM

Program Length: Six Quarters

  • National Median Salary$88,550
  • National Potential Annual Job Openings32,300

This information is base on data from June 2021.

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Associate of Applied Science/Associate of Applied Science-Transfer
CIP Code 11.1003   EPC:  506 

Build foundational IT skills with focus on network security. Prepare for a career to assess the security needs of computer and network systems. Investigate deviations from acceptable configurations, identify computer and network security vulnerabilities, solve problems, make decisions to recommend the appropriate defensive countermeasures. Implement adequate measures to reduce risks to a level conferring to compliance regulations. Graduates build skills in problem-solving, attention to detail, communication, and teamwork. 

Note:  Students must possess basic keyboarding/word processing skills prior to enrollment in the program.

  • Well prepared to plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems.
  • Key members of an organization’s disaster recovery plan, a procedure that information technology employees follow in case of emergency. These plans allow for the continued operation of an organization’s Information Technology department. The recovery plan includes preventive measures such as regularly copying and transferring data to an offsite location. It also involves plans to restore proper information technology functioning after a disaster.
  • Up to date on information technology security and on the latest methods attackers are using to infiltrate computer systems.

Bates instructors are industry experts who enjoy working with and teaching students.


  • Joseph Kauer

    253-680-7066 | Email

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