Career & Technical Education Teacher Preparation

Become a Career & Technical Education Teacher at Grades 7-12

If you have three years (6,000 hours) of occupational experience in a specific area and are interested in teaching, consider pursuing a Career and Technical Educator (CTE) certificate.

As a Washington State Professional Educator Standards Board-approved provider of the Plan 2 Business and Industry route CTE teacher preparation program, Bates offers the high-quality competency-based training that prepares you for a CTE teaching career at the secondary level, grades 7-12.

Our flexible scheduling makes it easy for you to design your own plan for program pacing and completion. We offer courses online  every quarter. Some classes have synchronous zoom meetings scheduled on weeknights and weekends, and an accelerated summer weekday offering enables you to complete a significant portion of coursework during the summer.

The program consists of the following teacher preparation courses:

  • EDU 101 Introduction to School Law
  • EDU 102 Industrial Safety
  • EDU 104 Philosophy of CTE
  • EDU 105 Methods of Teaching
  • EDU 106 Occupational Analysis
  • EDU 107 Course Organization
  • EDU 151 Abuse and Neglect of Children
  • EDU 226 CTE Student Leadership Organizations
  • EDU 228 Work-Based Learning Coordination
  • EDU 229 Diverse Needs of Students
  • EDU 235 Teaching Practicum – CTE

Classes may be taken in any order, with the exception of the EDU 235 CTE Teaching Practicum that is taken once all other course are complete.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and classes do fill up! Register early to ensure your seat in the class.

For questions, please contact CTE Teacher Prep or call 253.680.7467



The following courses are suggested as waivable for current certified teachers (transcript required):

  • EDU 101 Introduction to School Law
  • EDU 105 Methods of Teaching
  • EDU 151 Abuse and Neglect of Children
  • EDU 229 Diverse Needs of Students

Waivers are initiated by the teacher, approved by the CTE director, and forwarded to Bates’s program director for final approval.

Please work with your district’s CTE director to submit a CTE Course Waiver Request.


Enrollment Steps

Apply now to discover a rewarding career dedicated to making an impact in the lives of young people and their families!

Step 1. Apply to Bates Technical College here

  • Be sure to select: Program: Non-Award Seeking and Degree: Non-Degree-Job Upgrade

Step 2. Submit this CTE Candidate Information Form

Step 3. Submit Basic Skills Test Scores (in pdf) to

  • See section on Eligibility Requirements below for tests that count toward this requirement.

Step 4. Accepted applicants will be contacted regarding enrollment.

Quarterly Schedules1st Day of ClassLast Day of ClassRegistration Open Dates for new students
CTE Summer 2024 (pdf)6/17/20248/7/20244/29/2024
CTE Fall 2024 (pdf)10/2/202411/26/20247/15/2024
CTE Winter 2025 (pdf)1/15/20253/5/202510/28/2024
CTE Spring 2025 (pdf)4/7/20255/27/20252/10/2025
CTE Summer 2025 (pdf)




Self-Supported Classes Refund Policy

Continuing Education classes are self-supported; therefore, Bates will cancel a class if there are too few participants enrolled to cover the cost of the class. Bates reserves the right to cancel classes, reschedule classes or change instructors. We will notify you only if the class is canceled.

If your withdrawal notification is given at least one business day prior to the first day of class, or the class is canceled, you will receive a 100 percent refund.

The refund policy for self-support classes is as follows:

100%When Bates Technical College cancels the class.
100%When your withdrawal notification is given at least 1 business day prior to the 1st day of class.

Must email to officially withdraw from the class

No refundStudent registers for class, but does not attend.
No refundNo refund are available after the class has started.


Financial Assistance

Continuing education programs are not eligible for financial aid, including, but not limited to the GI Bill®, federal financial aid or state aid programs.

See if you qualify for other funding through our special funding programs with the Workforce Education Services Office.

Other Documents

For further information, contact the CTE Teacher Prep Office:


Note: Information is accurate as of its original posting date. The college reserves the right to edit, change, or update information as needed throughout the year. Up-to-date information is available in CTE Teacher Prep Office.

Basic Skills Test

The quickest way to complete this requirement would be to take the West-B, as it is offered online. You can register to take it here: WEST-B: Reading, Writing, Mathematics 

Note on SAT and ACT Tests: If you took the SAT prior to 2005 or the ACT prior to 2008, you will need to complete the full WEST-B: Reading, Writing, Mathematics test, as your scores may no longer be available from the respective testing agencies.

Approved equivalent assessments: ACT, SAT, CBEST, PRAXIS I, PRAXIS CORE, THEA, NES, CASA, GACE, and the MoGEA

Submit your scores to

The Bates Technical College CTE Teacher Prep Program offers only the Plan 2 Business & Industry Route for attaining a CTE Certification.

CTE teacher candidate’s education and industry experience hours are reviewed by the OSPI to confirm the Vocational Code (V-Code) and determine the courses that a teacher is certified to teach. Each V-code is listed with the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code.

You can use the CTE V-Code chart on the OSPI website to find the V-Codes matching your experience.

Forms to verify your experience can be found on the OSPI website: Business & Industry Requirements | OSPI


  • Successful completion of all other required courses (exceptions require program administrator approval)
  • Submission of Basic skills Assessment scores in reading, math, and writing. See above section on Eligibility Requirements for tests that count toward this requirement.
  • Current First Aid/CPR certificate
  • Fingerprint and background check

Email to sign-up.

EDU 235 Teaching Practicum-CTE

  • Arranged, 2 credits, offered: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Participants complete a 60-hour practical teaching experience in a CTE classroom setting that matches their proposed CTE certification.
  • Practicum must be completed under the mentorship of a CTE certified, veteran teacher with at least 3 years of experience, and the practicum supervisor.

Upon completion of all the requirements in the Bates CTE Teacher Preparation Program, Bates Technical College will issue you a completed and signed OSPI Form 4075G. This form is required when you apply for the CTE Initial Certificate through Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) CTE Plan 2 Business and Industry Route.

To qualify for the CTE initial certificate, you must meet the OSPI Plan 2 Business and Industry Requirements.

For question regarding the certification requirements, application process, and downloadable forms, contact the OSPI at 360.725.6400 or email:


FAQs CTE Teacher Prep

If you are new or if you are returning after time away from the college, please activate your account before enrolling the class in ctclink Student Homepage.

Step 1. Enroll in your class through ctclink in Student Homepage-Manage Classes tile

  • select Class Search an/d Enroll
  • select Term (example: Summer 2022 Bates Technical College)
  • click the Additional ways to search link
  • select Subject: CTE Teacher Prep-EDU
  • select the class to view all available section, then select the right arrow [>] to enroll in that class section

Step 2. After enroll all the class(es) that you want attend, then return to the Student Homepage and pay for the class(es) in the Financial Account tile.

Step 3. Attend the class by log into Canvas on the 1st day of the class

View the Academic/Registration Calendar for important dates about when you can enroll, payment is due, when grade is posted, and more. Visit the Cashier Office for more payment option. Visit ctcLink: Student Help Guides and Tutorials for more student access guide information

Yes, the CTE Teacher Prep program is synchronous online. You can complete coursework at your convenience while attending the required zoom meetings and adhering instructor deadlines.

The program usually takes about a year to finish. However, some people have finished as quick as in 2 quarters and some take 2 years.

You can take one or multiple courses per quarter.

The WEST-B: reading, writing and math are required by state law. The only acceptable substitutes are list on PESB’s website.

The practicum cannot be waived. If you are already teaching CTE, you will be able to meet this requirement embedded in your district CTE activities under the mentorship of a veteran teacher (CTE certified) of at least three years of experience.