Pre-college transition specialist helps transform futures with valuable support services

Posted: October 16, 2015

Enrolling in college can be a daunting task. But with the help of Bates Technical College’s Pre-college Transition Services, students find a supportive path to transforming their lives.

Andrea Cobb, the college’s Pre-college Transition Specialist, provides valuable support and encouragement to students as they navigate through the complex process of transitioning from pre-college or military into a career education program. She offers one-on-one support, guidance, helps facilitate program shadowing, and connects students to valuable resources. Andrea works closely with area organizations like REACH Center in Tacoma to offer information about transitioning into college, and how that impacts students who wish to pursue higher education.

Antigony Kelsch found her way to Andrea through a desire to earn a high school diploma. Read her story below and find out how her pathway transformed from high school diploma attainment to career education and a better future.

“My name is Antigony Kelsch, and I first came to Bates to get my GED.  When I arrived, I was told I could not only get my GED, but I could also get my high school diploma. I was so excited because none of my family members expected, and even told me, that I would never get one.

“Andrea [Cobb] played a huge role in helping me believe in myself, and she did anything and everything in her power to assist me with my long road. I did hit a bump, as my daughter’s father kicked us out and I took a bit of time off, but when I came back to Bates, now being a single mother, I was told I only needed to turn in a cover letter to get my high school diploma! I was ecstatic!

“I had decided to continue school, but I wanted to be in Auto Body, which is a male-dominated trade and was slightly scared and had no idea what to expect! Andrea was very supportive and helped me get ready to enroll in Auto Body, and now I’m thriving in a male-dominated trade while being the only girl in class!”

Fall quarter was the beginning of Antigony’s second quarter in Auto Body Rebuilding and Refinishing

To learn more about the college’s Pre-college Transition Services, contact Andrea at 253.680.7185, or visit the website.

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