Pre-college Transition Services

Pre-college Transition Services helps individuals interested in transitioning into college.  The Transition Coach supports and encourages our pre-college students through the complex process of transitioning from pre-college, or military into a career program.  The coach offers students one-on-one support, student guidance, assistance with student program shadowing and offer connections to resources. The Transition Coach will also work with programs such as ACAP and The REACH Center to offer information about the Pre-College transition program and what that means for students that would like to go to college.

Services offered:

  • One-on-one support for the transition into college
  • Connection to educational resources
  • Guidance through the transition into college
  • Advocacy on behalf of students, when necessary

For more information about the Pre-College Transition program, please contact Andrea Cobb, Pre-College Transition Specialist, 253.680.7185 or