Outreach and Recruitment

Welcome to the Bates Outreach & Recruitment Office! Our goal is to inform, support, and guide prospective students, families, agencies, and the community through interest, exploration, and enrollment to our institution.

The Outreach Office aims to empower students by providing the most up-to-date information, program contacts, and clear pathways to successfully register through the enrollment process. We build strong relationships with high schools, community organizations, local businesses, the military, other colleges and universities and, of course, students and parents.

We coordinate several events every year to allow you to learn more about Bates.

Career Counselors and Educators Conference:
Learn more about our College career programs, training offerings and services. Learn about important trends in our economy that are changing students’ path to success in our local job market. Stay tuned for our next date!

Open Houses:
Our fun, interactive Open Houses at each campus showcase the college. Participants can explore our career pathways and programs, tour the campus, talk with financial aid experts, and learn about scholarships, grants and more!

Stay tuned for our next dates!

Teacher Externships:
Our College offers a unique professional development opportunity connecting the classroom to the workplace. They provide an experience in which teachers spend time in a workplace to learn through direct experience about trends, skill requirements and opportunities in industries related to their subject to enrich and strengthen their teaching and bring relevance to student learning.

Stem Career Day workshops:
Students participate in workshops learning about career programs in Cybersecurity, Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, IT and more.

Ignite Conference:
Bates Technical College and Ignite Worldwide invite you to the Ignite Conference on Tuesday, March 14 from 10am-1pm at the Central Campus of Bates Technical College. Learn about Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Broadcasting/Video Production, engineering skills and more in interactive workshops. The IGNITE panel will give you an opportunity to meet and talk with diverse women currently working in STEM careers. For more information, contact Patricia at pchase@batestech.edu.

Virtual Information Session:
Information Sessions for career programs have moved to a new format! This is your opportunity to get all the information you need in one place for becoming a successful student while at Bates Technical College, no matter what your program of study. Best of all, since it’s virtual, you can participate when it’s convenient for you.

Q & A Steps to Enrollment Sessions:
Our goal is to make your transition to Bates as smooth as hassle free as possible. We are available to answer your question.

Join us on Zoom for a Q&A Steps to Enrollment session.

Bates Technical College is offering a virtual VIP PASS to learn about our exciting programs. With our VIP PASS any prospective high school or adult student can learn about a program at any of our three vibrant campuses. You’ll see our hands –on environment that mimics a real workplace from instructors who are experts in the field. Meet with other students with similar interest and inspirations!

One on One:
Our Enrollment staff really loves to talk to potential students one-to-one. This page offers you the opportunity to have a personalized meeting based on your interests and questions for Bates Technical College.

Meet with our Enrollment staff to answer your questions on career programs and assist you with the enrollment process. Book a one-to-one online or telephone meeting with us. (Languages: Spanish and English).

To arrange a presentation at your school, organization or event, complete your request here.