March 6 Northwest Now: Local health professionals discuss measles and vaccinations

Posted: March 04, 2015

Nearly every day across America, new cases of measles are reported. And, the debate over immunizations for measles continues to heat up as young parents still choose to opt out of providing the vaccine to their children.

In Friday’s edition of Northwest Now, guests Dr. Timothy Panzer, Group Health Tacoma Medical Center, Dr. Kathy Lofy, Department of Health, and Nigel Turner, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s communicable disease division director will discuss this dangerous disease, and how immunizations affect our community.

Several areas of Washington state are of concern. Clark County, for instance, has one of the highest vaccination opt-out rates in the state. Across the state, the opt-out rate is six percent, compared to the two-percent average rate nationwide. 

“For people who don’t have immunity and are exposed to the virus, there’s an attack rate of 75 percent, so it’s a very highly-contagious disease, compared with several other diseases,” said panelist Dr. Timothy Panzer. 

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