Institutional Research and Assessment

The primary mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to support the college’s management, decision-making, and planning processes.

Research requests

Internal research requests from Bates employees

The Office of Institutional Research strives to be as responsive as possible to the research needs of all college employees. To achieve the highest level of support, research requests should be submitted in writing using the Research Request Outline Form.Upon receipt of the request, the office will determine if the information requested might already be available in some published form. If so, the information will be provided as quickly as possible. If the information requested is not already available, and would require additional time and effort, we will contact you to develop a research plan or discuss alternatives.For all internal requests, please review the Guidelines for Research Involving Human Subjects.

Research requests from external agencies

External agencies and individuals requesting either new research or copies of existing and publicly available data should make an initial request. Staff that receive a request to the college for data or information that is not part of a routine and established reporting process should report the request to the Office for Institutional Research. This enables the college to track the requests, record the data and information being circulated, and ensure that correct and ethical research practice is applied. Entities making new, unusual or significant requests for data and information should be directed to the Office for Institutional Research. A detailed review of research procedures can be found here: Research Procedures.