Training and Development

The professional development of faculty and staff is very important to the overall success of Bates and essential to the application of our vision, philosophy, mission and goals.

At Bates, we understand the value of our faculty and staff, and we are committed to offering opportunities that prepare our employees for future roles and responsibilities. Employee groups may receive some compensation for participating in staff development classes. For additional information, please consult your Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Development Opportunities

Human Resources Library

For those of you who enjoy reading, HR has a collection of resources available to all employees. The HR Resource Library has many titles to choose from, which can be checked out for two weeks. If you’re interested, visit Human Resources today.

For additional employee training opportunities, please visit one of the following links (costs may be associated with these courses).

Staff Development is located within the Human Resources Department, Room M326 at the Downtown Campus. If you have questions or would like to obtain additional information, please contact Vlad Samoylenko.