Public Records Request

The Public Records Act was enacted to assure citizens of state transparency and access to government.

Bates Technical College is a state agency subject of the provisions of the Washington State Public Disclosure Act (RCW 42.56). Guidelines applicable to public disclosure requests received by Bates Technical College are outlined below and in Chapter 495A-276 WAC.

What is a public record?
Bates Technical College and its employees are required to maintain all documents and records pertaining to its conduct and performance.

Public records can be written documents, recordings, photos or email correspondence. All records maintained by Bates Technical College are available for public inspection unless specifically exempted by law. We are not required to create records. If a record does not exist, then we cannot fulfill your request for public information. The college will provide a brief explanation of any exemption of disclosure.

Public disclosure requests may include:
  • Employee or former employee records
  • Bids or RFP submissions
  • Public safety reports
  • Financial reports
  • College statistics

Bates uses the SBCTC categories for data classification.

Example of records not subject to public disclosure (Category 3 and 4 SBCTC classifications):
  • Information regarding staff and faculty (i.e. social security numbers, home phone numbers, home addresses, resumes and employment application)
  • Student personal information including school and medical records
  • Student test results and transcripts
  • Investigative records relating to current enforcement
  • Data that if disclosed could result in private gain and/or public loss
  • Correspondence between agency staff and the Attorney General’s Office
  • Information from certain records which would constitute an invasion of privacy.

How do I make a public records request?
Please fill out the attached Public Records Request Form. All requests should include:

  • Your name, full mailing address, email address and telephone number
  • A description of the record(s) you are requesting. The description must be specific enough for the college staff to identify the record(s) in your request.
  • Indicate how you would like to receive the record(s).

Request are accepted:

In person or Mail:

1101 South Yakima Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98405
Attn: Human Resources

Office Hours: 7:30am-4:30pm


(253) 680.7171


Public Records Officer
Subject line: Public Record Request


What happens after you receive my request?
Within 5 business days of receiving a request the college will:

  • Acknowledge the request and provide an estimated timeline by which the records will be provided;
  • Acknowledge the request and ask for additional clarification(s);
  • Provide the requested documents;
  • Provide the requested documents;
  • Notify that no record exists or if records are exempt from disclosure.

Are there costs?
Generally there is little cost for electronic copies. However, not all documents are available electronically. Current costs for documents include:

  • $0.15 per page for paper copies
  • $0.10 per page for scanning hard copies
  • Actual cost of digital storage media or devices (CD/DVD/Zip Drive) if electronic records are too large to be sent through email system or if documents are requested in this format
  • Actual cost of any container or envelope used to mail copies
  • Actual cost of postage or delivery charges

I’m an employee. May I make a public records request to see my employee file?
Yes. A request to see information in your employee file may be submitted to Human Resources. Human resources may be contacted at (253) 680.7181.

I’m a student. May I make a public records request to see my education record?
No. Requests for education records are not subject to public disclosure.