Peer Mentors

Meet Your Student Peer Mentors

The Student Peer Mentor (SPM) is a student leadership position for Bates Technical High School. SPMs work closely with Bates Technical High School department staff and faculty members. They play a critical role in making sure Technical High School students feel welcomed and get the most out of their Bates experience.

SPMs work as a team to assist new students and continuing students with navigating the college system while providing peer support for Bates Technical High School students through various social and educational events in an effort to integrate them into the college campus community. The SPM program is a core service that is vital for technical high school student success.

SPM Mission

To provide comprehensive support to new and continuing high school students at Bates Technical High School in order to adapt to college learning environment and achieve academic successes at Bates Technical College.

Current SPMs

Student Peer Mentor: Eva Sprague

Started at Bates: Fall 2019

Program: Digital Media

Dream Job: I’d love to be a graphic designer. Being creative while also having purpose for my designs would be my ideal job.

Why I chose Bates: Before the start of junior year of high school I was looking for a running start program. I knew I wanted to find a program that involved art technology, since I was interested in animating and graphic design. I looked at several programs offered by different colleges, but none of them were specific enough to what I wanted to do. Then I was recommended Bates. I found out more about the college and that it had career-based training, which is precisely what I wanted!

Why she became a peer mentor: I appreciate that I’ve been given the opportunity to help our college community by being a bridge between the staff and students. I’d also love to be able to help other students feel more comfortable and welcome. So, I’m here to help and answer questions whenever you need! I’m also excited to be able to post on social media to promote Bates. Going to Bates has given me many skills exact to the field of work I’m interested in (which will also help to be able to design social media posts). So, I hope to be able to give back and show other people how incredible it is to be a student at Bates.


Student Peer Mentor: Kaila Simpson

Started at Bates: Summer, 2018

Program: Digital Media

Dream job: Photographer

Why I chose Bates: I’ve had family members and friends attend and I was not satisfied with my current education so I switched over to do my passion Digital Media, which has helped give me a jump start in networking and my career.

Advice for incoming students: COMMUNICATE. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE. Communicate with your teachers, communicate with your class-mates, communication is key especially during these times. It is the most important thing you can and should do.

How I spend my free time: Golfing, baking, or taking pictures.


Connect with SPMs

Snapchat Account: bates_tech
Facebook: Bates Technical High School
Instagram: bates_Tech_High


Bates Technical College offers classes on campus, online and hybrid. For Fall Quarter 2021, vaccinations will be required. Learn more about vaccinations and our COVID-19 response on the COVID-19 resource page.