All state property regardless of value to be surplussed or discarded must follow state guidelines and procedures established by the Department of Enterprise Services (DES). The General Services Department is responsible for coordinating the surplussing or discarding of all goods for the College, except scrap metal/property or trash.

Under no circumstances are individuals allowed to remove or discard any College property without prior approval. Under no circumstances are individuals allowed to sell, give, loan or borrow state property unless it follows established College guidelines and prior approval from a Vice-President level or above.

After the Asset Custodian or IT Department (for Small and Attractive Assets) has identified the need to dispose of an asset, the next step is to complete the Asset Disposal Form. Once the request is approved by the Supervisor, IT Department (if applicable), and Business Office, the General Services Department will manage the disposal process, including removal of surplus items from the requested department.

Rolling stock and heavy equipment such as motor vehicles, construction equipment, and grounds equipment will be stored at unit’s location until the property is surplussed. The Asset Custodian is to ensure all hazardous materials pertaining to the asset are resolved prior to the request for surplus.

Shipping and Receiving

Campus mail is typically deliver to each campus 5 days per week. For special mailing request, you can contact General Services for more information or complete the Service Request Form. Our mailing address is below, and you can visit us in the East Annex, Building C103.

Shipping Address:

Bates Technical College
Department of General Services
1101 S. Yakima Avenue
East Annex Bldg C103
Tacoma, WA 98405

Notice: We are currently experiencing problems with our phone system. Please be patient as we work to fix the issue.