Who can take the GED test?

You may take the GED® tests if:

  • You are a Washington state resident. 

  • You are at least 16 years old.

  • If you are under 19, you will need to have the Request for Approval to Test form completed by your last high school or school district office and submitted to Student Assessment Services before you may schedule testing.  This releases you from the district to take your GED® tests.

  • If you are under 19 and you were home-schooled, you will need to complete, and have notarized, the Notarized Statement/Letter for Home School Students, and submit it to Student Assessment Services before you may schedule testing.

  • You have NOT received a high school diploma.

  • You are NOT currently enrolled in a regular high school.

  • You provide valid, Washington state-issued ID.
    • Valid ID cannot be expired, and it must include your name, address, date of birth, signature, and photo. Canceled (hole punched), photocopied, or any ID that does not include the above items will not be accepted.

    • The name on your ID must exactly match your name in the GED® registration/database.  If your name has changed because of marriage, divorce, or legal name change, bring the documentation, or you will not be allowed to test.  

    • You may use out-of-state government-issued identification only if you also supply paperwork showing that you now reside in Washington state (utility bill, earnings statement, etc. showing your current, Washington state address).

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