GED Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About GED® Testing

How long are my scores “valid”?

If you did not complete your GED® Certificate by the end of 2013, you will need to register at and start testing again in the 2014 version. There are now four tests to pass; the writing and reading are combined into the language arts test.

When do I get my scores? How do I get them?

Usually within 4 – 24 hours of finishing a test, log on to your account at, to access your official scores.

When do I get my certificate?

After you have completed and passed all four tests, the GEDTS (GED Testing Service) will mail your certificate. Be sure to keep any address changes updated on your MyGED account.

Do I have to take a GED® preparation class? 

No, you can study on your own. There are Official GED® Ready practice tests available on the GED® site where you register at If you use materials outside of this site, be sure that they are for the 2014 version of the tests.

I recently moved here from out of state. Can I use my out of state driver’s license as ID?

Yes, but you will also need to prove that you currently reside in Washington state. Bring a current earnings report or utility bill, address included, when you come to test. Of course, it’s best to visit the Department of Licensing for a new license.

I’m 16 years old and not yet driving. What can I use as photo ID?

You cannot test without government-issued photo ID. Visit the Department of Licensing to get a Washington state ID card. Visit the website to find the locations and paperwork requirements.

I’m 17 years old and living here in Washington with a grandparent. I was last in high school in California. How can the “Approval to Test” form be completed?

Contact the enrollment or main office of the school district in which you now live. They may have to enroll you in the district in order to then release you. Have patience with this process and allow for time to complete this paperwork before testing.

If I start testing at Bates, can I go to another testing center to complete?

Yes, you can schedule to test at any approved testing center which appears on the list when you are scheduling.

I completed high school in Mexico but have no documentation of my completion. Can I take the GED® here? 

Yes. The same registration and other requirements apply.

Are GED® tests offered in any other languages?

You may take the computer-based tests in either English or Spanish; however, ALL four tests must be taken in the same language.

How many tests can I take in one day?

GED® sessions will extend from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on most Tuesdays and Thursdays. You may take as many as you can fit into the session. The four computerized tests total more than nine hours, too long for one session (unless you complete all of them in much less time than allowed). Plan on at least two sessions to complete.

I have been professionally diagnosed with Dyslexia. Can I get accommodations when taking the GED® tests?

If you have any professionally-diagnosed emotional, cognitive, or physical disability, you may apply for accommodations for GED® testing. The forms and instructions are here: After all forms and documentation are completed, they should be faxed to GED® at 202.464.4894. Allow at least four weeks for approval.

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