Friday's Northwest Now takes a look at health problems facing residents

Posted: June 22, 2016

For decades, Washington has been thought of as a place where problems like suicide, depression, and bad weather are a part of life. But the research proves those problems aren’t the biggest facing our state. On this edition of Northwest Now, we take a closer look at the question, “Is Washington Killing You?”

We’ll talk to experts and victims of some of the biggest problems facing Western Washington including: Alzheimer’s Disease, Skin Cancer rates, so called anti-vaxxers.

“No one knows. You can’t say that we will get an outbreak. We are certainly much more highly susceptible to vaccine preventable disease, when we had our whooping cough epidemic several years ago it hit the northern counties of Washington State harder than it did the Puget Sound area but Vashon Island was number one in the King County area when it came to whooping cough,” said Sarah Day, nurse for the Vashon Island School District.

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