Feb. 27 Northwest Now: WSDOT secretary Lynn Peterson discusses transportation issues

Posted: February 27, 2015

Last December, Governor Jay Inslee announced a $12 billion plan to help improve the state’s transportation system, and in February the State Senate announced a $15 billion transportation plan of its own.

What changes and improvements can these plans bring to transportation? WSDOT Secretary Lynn Peterson will talk to Northwest Now host Tom Layson about both of these potential funding plans.  We’ll also take a closer look at some of the key issues affecting transportation in our state, including traffic and commute times, the aging ferry system, and the future of tolling as well as the potential for more rail transportation in the Puget Sound region.

Plus, we’ll go on a ride-along with one local commuter who says she’s fed up with the way traffic is managed in the region. “We deserve a reasonable commute,” said Melissa Brisco who commutes from Kent to Redmond every day. “And when you build new lanes, don’t just build carpool lanes, or if you do build carpool lanes make sure you build in carpool exits because when you don’t, all people who got there faster have to cross three lanes of traffic to get off at the exit they want…it’s so frustrating!”

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