Welcome to Esports


Esports will provide a safe and healthy affinity group to those interested in gaming and competitive gaming, also known as esports (electronic sports). In an effort to achieve this goal, the esports club will instill its members with problem-solving and leadership skills while standing alongside the honor and integrity for which Bates Technical College is known. Esports uses Bates Technical College’s diverse student base with unique skillsets to run events, host productions, and engage in competitions!


The Esports Club hosts activities for members of all commitment levels. While the focus of the Esports Club is on competition, competition exists at a variety of experience levels.

Club and Varsity members are encouraged to invite their friends who are interested in gaming to the Esports Club Open Houses and Intramural events held at Bates Technical College, as well as those in collaboration with other institutions in the area.


To be determined.

Varsity Esports

Varsity Esports is reserved for the most competitive and dedicated gamers among the student population: those with a passion for completive gaming and who want to represent the college as varsity student-athletes.

Learn more about joining the varsity team on campus.

The Bates Technical College Esports team is open and available to all!


Varsity Esports at Bates Technical College competes in multiple titles:

  • NBA 2K23
  • Rocket League
  • Overwatch
  • Valorant
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Hearthstone
  • And many more!

To learn more about Esports Club events and meet with the esports community, join our Discord server!

Official Discord 

For more information:

Gwyndolyn Sargasso, Esports Coordinator
Bates Technical College Central Campus