Eligibility for Financial Aid

A student may be eligible for financial aid if they are:

  • Attending Bates to obtain a degree or certificate.
  • A U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Making satisfactory progress in a program of study, as defined by the Financial Aid Office satisfactory academic progress (SAP) criteria. Visit our SAP Policy page for more information.
  • Not in default on any previous student loans or owing a refund on any grant.
  • Registered for the draft with Selective Service, if required by law.
  • A high school graduate or a completer of the GED® test.


In order to receive financial aid from our office, you must be enlisted in one of the following academic programs (career pathways).

*Program (career pathways) eligibility is different for Workforce Education Services (WES) funding recipients. Contact your WES specialist for more information. For information about the WES office, visit the WES webpage.

Academic Program/Career Pathway NameDegree Type
Administrative Business Assistant
Administrative Business AssistantAAS
Administrative Business AssistantCertificate Of Competency
Administrative Business Assistant
Administrative Medical Assistant
Administrative Medical AssistantAAS
Administrative Medical AssistantCertificate Of Competency
Medical Billing & Coding
Architectural Woodworking/Cabinet Making Technology
Architectural Woodworking/Cabinet Making TechnologyAAS
Productions Cabinet MakingCertificate Of Competency
Auto Body Rebuilding and Refinishing
Auto Body Rebuilding and RefinishingAAS
Auto Body RepairCertificate Of Competency
Automotive RefinishingCertificate Of Training
Automation and Mechatronics
Automation And Mechatronics (Tron)AAS
Automotive Technology
Automotive TechnologyAAS
BarberCertificate Of Completion
Biomedical Service Technician: Clinical Engineering
Biomedical Service Technician: Clinical EngineeringAAS
Broadcasting/Video Production
Broadcasting/Video ProductionAAS-T
Broadcasting – Video ProductionAAS
Bvp EngineeringCertificate Of Training
Bvp OperationsCertificate Of Training
Bvp ProductionCertificate Of Training
Broadcast And Video ElementsCertificate Of Competency
Bvp AudioCertificate Of Training
Business Direct Transfer Agreement
Business DTAAB-DTA
Concrete FoundationsCertificate Of Training
Exterior FinishingCertificate Of Training
Interior FinishingCertificate Of Training
Wood FramingCertificate Of Training
Carpenter TechnicianCertificate Of Competency
Basic Carpentry ICertificate Of Training
Basic Carpentry IICertificate Of Training
CDL Entry Level Driving Training
Commercial Truck Driving – Class ACertificate Of Training
Commercial Truck Driving – Class BCertificate Of Training
Certified Medical Assistant
Certified Medical AssistantAAS
Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology
Civil and Environmental Engineering TechnologyAAS
Civil and Environmental Engineering TechnologyAAS-T
Cloud Computing and Networking Technology
Cloud Computing and Networking TechnologyAAS
Cloud Computing and Networking TechnologyAAS-T
Computer Network Support Technician
IT TechnicianCertificate Of Training
Culinary Arts
Culinary ArtsAAS
Hospitality – Line CookCertificate Of Training
Computer SupportCertificate Of Training
Network System SupportCertificate Of Competency
Dental Assisting
Dental AssistingAAS
Dental Lab TechnicianAAS
Dental Lab TechnicianCertificate Of Competency
Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology
Diesel and Heavy Equipment TechnologyAAS
Diesel EnginesCertificate Of Training
Heavy Duty Truck Drive TrainsCertificate Of Training
Hydraulics/PneumaticsCertificate Of Training
Truck And Heavy Duty Equipment Electrical SystemsCertificate Of Training
Diesel Service TechnicianCertificate Of Competency
Digital Media
Digital MediaAAS
Digital MediaAAS-T
Digital Media – Motion Graphics
Digital MediaCertificate Of Competency
EditingCertificate Of Training
Video ProductionCertificate Of Training
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood EducationAAS
Early Childhood EducationAAS-T
State Short ECE Certificate Of Administration Early LearningCertificate Of Training
State Short ECE Certificate Of Specialization – Family Child CareCertificate Of Training
State Short ECE Certificate Of Specialization – GeneralCertificate Of Training
State Short ECE Certificate Of Specialization – Infant Toddler CareCertificate Of Training
State Short ECE Certificate Of Specialization – School Age CareCertificate Of Training
State Initial Early Childhood Education CertificateCertificate Of Training
State Early Childhood Education CertificateCertificate Of Competency
Electrical Construction
Electrical ConstructionAAS
Electrical ConstructionCertificate Of Competency
Electrical Engineering Technology
Electrical Engineering TechnologyAAS
Electrical Engineering TechnologyAAS-T
Engineering TechnologyCertificate Of Training
Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency Medical TechnicianCertificate Of Training
Facilities Maintenance Engineer
Facilities Maintenance EngineerAAS
Building Care And MaintenanceCertificate Of Competency
Building Care And Maintenance ICertificate Of Training
Building Care And Maintenance IICertificate Of Training
Maintenance Technician IICertificate Of Training
Boiler OperationsCertificate Of Training
Fire Service
Fire ServiceAAS
Fire Service SupervisionAAS
Fire Recruit AcademyCertificate Of Training
Wildland FirefighterCertificate Of Training
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technician
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration TechnicianAAS
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration Support TechnicianCertificate Of Competency
Information Technology Specialist
Information Technology SpecialistAAS
Information Technology SpecialistAAS-T
Information Technology Support
Computer Repair TechnicianCertificate Of Training
CNC OperatorCertificate Of Training
Toolmaking TechnologyCertificate Of Training
Marketing and Business Management
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering TechnologyAAS
Motorcycle and Marine Technology
Motorcycle and Marine TechnologyAAS
ElectricalCertificate Of Training
Chassis And ElectricalCertificate Of Competency
Engines And ElectricalCertificate Of Competency
Nursing Assistant Certified
Nursing Assistant CertifiedCertificate Of Training
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapy AssistantAAS
Basic PhlebotomyCertificate Of Training
Advanced PhlebotomyCertificate Of Training
Practical Nurse
Practical NurseAAS
Sheet Metal Technology
Sheet Metal TechnologyAAS
Sheet Metal TechnicianCertificate Of Competency
Sheet Metal Production SupportCertificate Of Training
Sheet Metal Residential InstallerCertificate Of Training
Software Development
Software Development Business And Data AnalyticsAAS
Software DevelopmentAAS-T
Software DevelopmentCertificate Of Training
Software Development ElementsCertificate Of Competency
WelderCertificate Of Competency
Welder ICertificate Of Training
Welder IICertificate Of Training