Eligibility for Financial Aid

A student may be eligible for financial aid if they are:

  • Attending Bates to obtain a degree or certificate.
  • A U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Making satisfactory progress in a program of study, as defined by the Financial Aid Office satisfactory academic progress (SAP) criteria. Visit our SAP Policy page for more information.
  • Not in default on any previous student loans or owing a refund on any grant.
  • Registered for the draft with Selective Service, if required by law.
  • A high school graduate or a completer of the GED® test.


2020-2021 Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


In order to receive financial aid from our office, you must be enlisted in one of the following academic programs (career pathways).

*Program (career pathways) eligibility is different for Workforce Education Services (WES) funding recipients. Contact your WES specialist for more information. For information about the WES office, visit the WES webpage.

Academic Program/Career Pathway Name Degree Type Units/Credits
Accounting Associates (AAS) 90
Administrative Medical Assistant Associates (AAS) 98
Administrative Medical Assistant Certificate (COC) 76
Administrative Office Assistant Associates (AAS) 95
Advanced Phlebotomy Certificate (COT)
Architectural Woodworking/Cabinet Making Technology Associates (AAS) 112
Auto Body Rebuilding and Refinishing Associates (AAS) 116
Auto Body Repair Certificate (COC) 116
Automotive Technology Associates (AAS) 142
Barber Certificate (COC) 75
Basic Office Support Certificate (COC) 61
Basic Phlebotomy Certificate (COT)
Biomedical Service Technician: Clinical Engineering Associates (AAS) 115
Bookkeeping Certificate (COC) 45
Broadcast & Video Elements Certificate (COC) 80
Broadcast/Video Production Associates (AAS) 105
Broadcast/Video Production Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 115
Building Care & Maintenance Certificate (COC) 69
Carpenter Technician Certificate (COC)
Carpentry Associates (AAS) 116
Certified Medical Assistant Associates (AAS) 102
Chassis and Electrical Certificate of Competency Certificate (COC) 76
Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology Associates (AAS) 90
Civil and Environmental Engineering Technology Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 106
Commercial Truck Driving – Entry Level Certificate (COT) 44
Computer Networking Support Technician Certificate (COC) 45
Computer Networking Systems Technician Associates (AAS) 105
Computer Networking Systems Technician Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 115
Computer Networking Systems Technician Certificate (COC) 66
Culinary Arts Associates (AAS) 118
Cybersecurity Associates (AAS) 105
Cybersecurity Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 115
Dental Assisting Associates (AAS) 90
Dental Lab Technician Associates (AAS) 124
Dental Lab Technician Certificate (COC) 62
Denturist Associates (AAS) 120
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technology Associates (AAS) 103
Diesel Service Technician Certificate (COC) 90
Digital Media Associates (AAS) 106
Digital Media Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 111
Digital Media Certificate (COC) 76
Early Childhood Education Associates (AAS) 90
Early Childhood Education Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 90
Electrical Construction Associates (AAS) 121
Electrical Engineering Technology Associates (AAS) 90
Electrical Engineering Technology Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 105
Electrical Technician Certificate (COC) 57
Electronic and Communications Systems Technology Associates (AAS) 100
Electronic Equipment Service Technician Associates (AAS) 114
Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (COT)
Engine and Electrical Certificate of Competency Certificate (COC) 76
Engineering Technology Certificate (COC)
Facilities Maintenance Engineer Associates (AAS) 117
Fire Recruit Academy Certificate (COT) 22
Fire Service Associates (AAS) 100
Fire Service Supervision Associates (AAS) 106
Hearing Aid Specialist Associates (AAS) 110
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician (HVAC/R) Associates (AAS) 103
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician (HVAC/R) –  Support Technician Certificate (COC) 99
Industrial Electronics and Robotics Technician Associates (AAS) 119
Information Technology Specialist Associates (AAS) 105
Information Technology Specialist Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 115
Information Technology Support Certificate (COC) 75
Machinist Associates (AAS) 97
Marketing & Business Management Associates (AAS) 105
Marketing & Business Management Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 110
Mechanical Engineering Technology Associates (AAS) 90
Mechanical Engineering Technology Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 106
Motorcycle and Marine Technology Associates (AAS) 106
Network System Support Certificate (COC) 60
Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) Certificate (COT)
Occupational Therapy Assistant Associates (AAS) 120
Practical Nurse Associates (AAS) 122
Production Cabinet Making Certificate (COC) 79
Residential Electrician Certificate (COC)
Sheet Metal – Residential Installation Certificate (COC) 46
Sheet Metal Production Support Certificate (COT) 44
Sheet Metal Technician Certificate (COC) 93
Sheet Metal Technology Associates (AAS) 115
Sheet Metal Technology Certificate (COC) 115
Software Development Associates (AAS) 95
Software Development Associates – Transfer (AAS-T) 105
Software Development Elements Certificate (COC) 65
State Early Childhood Education Certificate Certificate (COC) 47
Welder Certificate (COC) 103
Welding Associates (AAS) 120


Condition of Awards

You can download a copy of our Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid handout on the Bates Financial Aid Forms webpage.

By accepting your aid, you are agreeing to the following:

  • I agree to use the Secure Financial Aid online and phone processes. If you do not agree, please contact us regarding alternative methods of communication. If you do agree, you can rescind your permission at any time by contacting us.
  • I understand I may receive aid from only one school each quarter and accepting my BTC aid means I am not receiving aid for attendance at any other school for the same period.
  • I have read and I understand the requirements and the conditions applying to financial aid as stated on this award notice and in the Understanding your Financial Aid document located on the Financial Aid Forms webpage.*
  • I understand that I must report any additional aid not shown on my award notice. I understand that my aid may be adjusted if additional aid exceeds my demonstrated financial need or my cost of attendance.
  • If I have been awarded and I have accepted work-study and work during breaks, I certify that I am enrolled in the quarter following that break.
  • I understand that once I enroll in classes I am responsible for canceling my registration if I choose not to attend Bates Technical College.
  • I understand that I will be responsible for any charges made to my account if I fail to cancel my registration. I understand if I completely withdraw from the quarter, I may be required to repay all, or a portion, of the aid disbursed to my account (see Return of Title IV Funds on page 4 of Understanding Your Financial Aid). If I drop below 5 units/credits during the refund period and have any Direct Loan Funds, I understand any refund may be applied to Direct Loan and Direct Loan Servicer will be notified of my less than half time student status.
  • I understand that my Pell Grant and other grants and loan awards will be based on the number of units/credits for which I am enrolled as of the 10th day of each quarter (the last day to add classes). When I add or drop classes during the first 10 days of the quarter, my financial aid awards will be recalculated. During this period, I have the responsibility of renewing my account to see if I owe a repayment of financial aid funds (when classes are dropped), or owe additional fees (when classes are added). Allow up to 10 days for financial aid award adjustments to appear on your account. In certain cases, grants and loans are based on enrollment as of the day Bates receives the results of an application for financial aid.

*All Financial Aid forms can be found on our website. Go to www.batestech.edu, Student Resources, Financial Aid, and then Financial Aid Forms.

You can download a copy of our Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid handout on the Bates Financial Aid Forms webpage.

By accepting state financial aid, you agree to the conditions listed below. If you have questions or find that you cannot comply with these conditions, please contact your institution’s financial aid office.

  1. You must meet the requirements for Washington State residency.
  2. You do not owe a repayment to any state grant or scholarship nor are you in default on a state student loan.
  3. You must be enrolled in an eligible program (career pathway) and not be pursuing a degree in theology.
  4. If you hold a bachelor’s degree or the foreign equivalent, you are not eligible to receive state grant funds.
  5. If you do not attend or if you withdraw from your classes, you may owe a repayment of all or part of any state funds you have received.
  6. You must maintain the academic progress standards established by your institution in order to receive additional state aid.
  7. There could be other circumstances that would require a repayment or reduction in your current award amounts.
  8. You must meet all eligibility requirements for the state aid program(s) awarded.
  9. NEW – The offer of this financial assistance is subject to, and conditioned upon, the availability of funds. Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) and the institution through which the grant, scholarship, or work-study is awarded, reserve the right to withdraw, reduce, or modify the awards due to funding limitations or due to changes in circumstances which affect your eligibility for the program(s).
  10. If I fail to cash my check containing state funds or pickup any remaining funds by the close of the academic year, the funds shall be returned to the program at WSAC and treated as funds declined by me.

The State of Washington is offering you financial assistance to help support your educational expenses. Please visit www.opportunitypathways.wa.gov to receive more information about financial aid, scholarships, work-study, and student loans.

You may choose to voluntarily make financial contributions to WSAC in recognition of the assistance that you received. All voluntary contributions will be used to provide financial assistance to other students. Please contact finaid@wsac.wa.gov for more information.


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