Drill FAQ

Emergency Lockdown Drill FAQs

Please note that participation in the drills are mandatory.

Who will be conducting the drills?

Each functional area of the college will be responsible for conducting the drill.  Example, Instructors will be responsible for conducting the drill with their students on campus.  Departments will be responsible for conducting the drill with their staff.  It is important that all students, staff and faculty review the Active Shooter / Lockdown material.

When will the drill start, and how long will it last?

Drill should start at 10 a.m. for daytime classes. Given night classes have different start times, it is important for night time instructors to work with their Dean to establish the best time for them conduct their drill.

Where will the drill take place?

Given the impact of COVID-19 on our college operations, some drills will take place in the functional areas throughout the college or via Zoom meetings. Instructors should conduct the drills in the classroom or instruction area. College administrators should conduct their drill in their work area. Others who are not physically on campus should schedule a Zoom meeting with their direct reports to cover the Active Shooter / Lockdown drill material.

What is the purpose of this drill?

This emergency preparation drill focuses on our response to an active shooter on campus. While the impact of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the day-to-day operations on college campuses, it is important for us not to lose sight of the importance of emergency preparation.

Is the drill mandatory?

Yes, to ensure that Bates Technical College maintains a safe environment, this drill is mandatory. We ask that all students, faculty and staff take the active shooter/lockdown drill seriously, and participate accordingly. It is important that in the event of a live situation, our safety procedures can be executed correctly. To do this, we must practice and hone college procedures. This includes participation by daytime and nighttime students, staff and faculty is required.

What should students, faculty and staff expect during the drill?

It is important for everyone to consider what they would do in their specific situations. What are the configurations of your various classrooms, work areas, office spaces, etc.? What are your escape options and hide out options?

Knowledge of the college’s procedures for active shooter/lockdown situations will be discussed and practiced.

What if I feel anxious, nervous or uncomfortable before, during or after the drill?

We understand that the drill scenario may cause some to feel uncomfortable. College counselor Diane Sheppard is available to students, and the Employee Assistance Program offered through HR is available to employees. These resources are available before or after the drill.

What if I am walking through campus?

This is a campus-wide exercise that is meant to simulate an actual event. Persons walking through campus should, if close enough to a building, move inside and seek shelter in a classroom. Note that classrooms that are already locked, per our procedure, will not respond to knocks or requests for entry. If personnel are unable to find appropriate interior shelter, they should move to a location that hides them from view (Note that in an actual active shooter event, if you are in your vehicle, you should move away from the campus if you are able to safely do so).

What if I am late to class or work?

As part of the drill scenario, class doors will be locked to simulate a campus lockdown. We kindly ask students, staff and faculty to plan accordingly when arriving to campus. If late to class, students will have to wait until the drill scenario ends to enter class.

Will Tacoma Police Department or other First Responders be on campus?

No, for this drill Tacoma PD and other first responders will not be on campus.

How will you be communicating with campus before, during and after the drill?

Notifications will be sent via email and using the RaveAlert system before the drill to reminder the college community of the upcoming drill. The day of drill, we will send out a message via the RaveAlert system notifying the start of the lockdown procedure that begins at 10:20 a.m. Notifications will NOT be sent at the conclusion of the drill. 

If I have more questions, whom do I call?

General questions or concerns from students, faculty, and staff can be addressed to the Director of Safety and Security, Dee Nelons 253.680.7143 or dnelons@batestech.edu

All questions from media should be directed to the Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing, Chelsea Lindquist 253.680.7106 or clindquist@batestech.edu

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