Finance and Administration ctcLink Cutoff Dates

The college is preparing for our transition to ctcLink Go Live during the weekend of May 5-9, 2022. The detailed information and cutoff dates below will allow the college to transition from the legacy system to ctcLink over the next few months.

Most of the dates are hard deadlines for completing the various functions and transactions. After these dates, the specified functions will not be available until after Go Live.

Please work together with your department to complete all transactions within the timelines provided, as no transactions from the old system can be entered beyond the deadlines.

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Lutes, VP of Finance and Administration.

March 2022

  • Monday, March 28: Last day for budget transfers, operating budgets and grants into FMS

April 2022

  • Friday, April 1: Last day to make purchase card (P-Card) purchases and pay airfare
  • Friday, April 1: 100% tuition refund period ends
  • Monday, April 11: Last day to submit travel expense reports (All departments)
  • Monday, April 11: Last day to order from Staples office supply (All departments)
  • Monday, April 11: Last day for Purchasing Dept. to receive approved requisitions (All departments)
  • Thursday, April 11: Last day to submit Invoice Payment Voucher (All departments)
  • Thursday, April 15: Last day for start of summer term faculty contracts (All departments)
  • Thursday, April 15: Last day to enter new jobs (Human Resources–hiring freeze collegewide)
  • Tuesday, April 19: Last day for hand drawn checks and last day to submit eRequestor payments to finance office
  • Friday, April 22: 50% tuition refund period ends
  • Friday, April 22: Last day to post payment invoices and purchase card transactions, refunds, travel reimbursements and eRequestor payments (Finance Office Only)
  • Friday, April 22: Last day for changes to Legacy finance system, including revenue and expenditure transfers and ledger corrections
  • Friday, April 22: Cashiering – last day for transactions – including:
    • Shop Jobs
    • Continuing Ed
    • Child Studies
    • Fire Service – JATC
  • April 16 – 30: Last payroll period in the legacy system

May 2022

  • Sunday, May 1: Complete all ctcLink training including:
    • PeopleSoft Fundamentals
    • Required subject matter modules
  • Sunday, May 1: Last day to invoice grants and process indirect charges
  • Wednesday, May 4: Last day HR processing or payroll changes (direct deposit, W4s, etc.)
  • May 1-15: First payroll period in ctcLink
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