AMA129 - Medical Coding Applications

This course is an introduction to coding of diagnoses and procedures of health care records with emphasis on coding for insurance reimbursement. Students learn to use both CPT and ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM classification manuals and reference materials. Prerequisite required: Successful completion of AMA 112, AMA 117, AMA 121, and AMA 128.

Credits: 4

Prerequisites: AMA112, AMA117, AMA121, AMA128

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Apply knowledge of ICD-10-CM
  2. Define the use of modifiers
  3. Discuss the HCPCS coding applications
  4. Identify the use of CPT to code procedures and services
  5. Recognize symbols used in CPT
  6. Use ICD-9-CM to code diagnostic findings