OTA205 - Adaptive Technologies

Adaptive and assistive technology explores the use of technology used in occupational therapy to assist those with disabilities. Concentration of these technologies will have a compensatory focus. A variety of adaptive and assistive technologies ranging from low to high tech will be discussed and utilized. Students will apply clinical and professional reasoning for the selection of appropriate tools to meet individual client needs.

Credits: 4

Offered: Fall and Spring


  1. Select and provide direct occupational therapy interventions and procedures, including considerations of current technology in the field, to enhance safety, health and wellness and performance in areas of occupation.
  2. Describe the use of technology to support performance, participation, health and well-being.
  3. Select and provide compensatory strategies for physical, cognitive, perceptual, neuromuscular, and sensory functions.
  4. Provide fabrication, application, fitting, and training in orthotic devices used to enhance occupational performance.
  5. Teach compensatory strategies, such as use of technology, adaptations to the environment, and involvement of humans and nonhumans in the completion of tasks.