HUM&101 - Introduction to Humanities

An introduction to the humanities through a review of some of the major developments in human culture around the globe. Taking the culture of Original Peoples of the West Coast as our point of departure, students will analyze how societies express their ideas through a number of aspects, which may include art, literature, music, architecture, mythology, cinema, and philosophy, identity patterns between such cultureal expressions and consider some of the underlying assumptions about the way societies are formed and run, and whose stories are given voices and how. Arranged thematically rather than chronologically, the course will focus on developing the conceptual tools to understand cultural phenomena critically.

Credits: 5

Distribution: Gen-Ed


  1. Students will demonstrate via class discussions, writing assignments, and a hands-on project how the arts, philosophy, and literature reflect and shape humanity and the values of culture.
  2. After viewing videos and reading materials, students will analyze in written responses the patterns found in artistic and philosophical works from representative periods and movements, and will create an artistic artifact of their own incorporating these patterns and commonalities.
  3. Through quiz responses to videos and other materials as well as written responses, students will recognize and gain an understanding of cultural diversity as reflected in languages, the arts, or philosophy.
  4. Students will demonstrate through written response and select response answers that they understand the vocabulary needed to critically evaluate artistic and philosophical works and their contribution to the human experience and to identify commonalities and patterns across cultures.