DNTA112 - Biomedical Sciences

This course is an introduction to microbiology, disease transmission, and standard infection control practices including aseptic techniques in the dental office. Hazardous waste management, HIV/AIDS, waterline maintenance and safety standards are also emphasized.

Credits: 5

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Identify the groups of microorganisms and the diseases they cause which are of major concern to the dental assistant.
  2. Identify the rationale, regulations, recommendations, and training that govern infection control in the dental office.
  3. Practice proper management of hazardous and infectious materials in the dental setting.
  4. Explain the morphology, location, eruption schedule, and function of each tooth in both the permanent and primary dentition.
  5. Demonstrate proper disinfection and sterilization steps in a dental setting
  6. Explain the steps for maintaining and disinfecting the dental unit water line.
  7. Describe the etiology, epidemiology, clinical manifestations and infection control guidelines for the HIV virus.
  8. Explain the testing, counseling, treatment, and legal and ethical recommendations/regulations associated with HIV positivbe and AIDS patients.