CMA151 - Medical Office Clinical Applications II

This course is a continuation of Medical Office Clinical Applications I, covering assisting with other medical specialties, electro-cardiology, pulmonary function tests, emergency preparedness, nutrition and health, geriatrics and rehabilitation/therapy.

Credits: 6

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Assist in other medical specialties; Oncology, Allergy and Naturopathic medicine
  2. Perform electrocardiogram (EKG)and pulmonary function test (PFT)
  3. Properly educate patient regarding good health and nutrition
  4. Discuss the EKG and PFT procedure to patient(s)
  5. Discuss the geriatric population and health education of the aging adult, societal bias and psychological changes.
  6. Identify the general principles of physical therapy and other specialized therapies
  7. Inform patients on the use of rehab equipment; crutches, walker and wheelchair
  8. Practice cultural competence with peers in mock patient care.
  9. Prepare for medical emergencies, disasters and pandemics