AUTOB204 - Unibody Alignment

Students implement the basic theory and application of major unibody and frame repair. Topics include methods of inspection, types of measuring equipment, and identifying types of structural damage

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: AUTOB102, AUTOB103

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Fall, Spring


  1. Analyze information, critically recognizing viable solutions
  2. Locate the major parts of a perimeter frame
  3. Locate the major parts of a unibody frame
  4. Properly plan and execute collision repair procedures
  5. Summarize how different types of unibody/frame straightening equipment are set up and used
  6. Summarize safety considerations to follow when using equipment
  7. Summarize the various types of frames commonly used on cars, trucks, vans and SUVs
  8. Compare a conventional full frame with modern hydro formed frames
  9. Compare and contrast body-over-frame and unibody construction
  10. Describe the basic straightening and aligning techniques
  11. Determine pull directions by analyzing damage
  12. Explain past and present designsof motor vehicles
  13. Explain why it might be necessary to pull damaged parts before their removal
  14. Identify signs of stress/deformation on a unibody vehicle and make repairs
  15. Identify the major structural components, sections, and assemblies of a motor vehicle