BROAD150 - Basic Electronics Concepts

This course introduces students to the study of direct-current and alternating-current electronic concepts. Topics include electrical terms, circuit components, electricity and magnetism, series and parallel circuits, Ohm’s law, energy and power, and characteristics of AC waveforms. Lab activities prepare students for lectures and enhance their understanding of the principles presented in class sessions and through the Canvas learning management system. Activities include reading assignments, guided experimentation with DC and AC circuits, test equipment and tools, and a series of simple projects to develop soldering skills and understanding of circuits and circuit diagrams.


CIP: 10.0202

EPC: 628

Credits: 5

Prerequisites: None.

Corequisites: Students should enroll in BROAD 143, 149, and 150 simultaneously for degree pathway.

Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring


  1. Identify and discuss basic functions of circuit components.
  2. Apply current, voltage, and resistance principles (Ohm’s law).
  3. Discuss the characteristics of alternating current (AC) waveforms.
  4. Discuss basic semiconductor concepts.
  5. Demonstrate proper soldering techniques.