TRON127 - Blueprint Reading

Technicians find many ways to communicate technical information; one of the primary ways is through the use of drawings and sketches. This course introduces the conventions used in creating and interpreting these drawings and reviews other common forms of documentation. Lab work will be done remotely.

Credits: 4

Distribution: Career Training


  1. To industry standards of time and accuracy, compare and contrast the types of lines used in technical drawings.
  2. Given an object, create a three-view sketch to industry standards of time and detail.
  3. To industry standards of time and accuracy, transfer measurement paramenters from the measurement device to drawing of the object
  4. Interpret common GD&T specifications on drawings such as to tolerancing symbols, tolerance zones, modifiers and limitations. Understands part requirements and is able to interpret GD&T specs including simultaneous requirements and multiple single-segment tolerances.
  5. Produce a documentation package for an assembly in our lab, to industry specs of time, accuracy and presentation