AUTOB210 - Introduction to Estimating

Students estimate collision damage, auto body repair, and finishing costs. Traditional and computer-assisted methods used for determining cost involved in labor, parts, and materials are emphasized

Credits: 4

Prerequisites: AUTOB102, AUTOB103

Distribution: Career Training

Offered: Winter, Summer


  1. Calculate material costs based on a refinishing materials list
  2. Use computer-based estimating programs
  3. Describe the benefits of using a digital camera, handheld computer, personal computers and estimating software in preparing estimates
  4. Describe the method of determining the reparability of a damaged vehicle
  5. Determine whether damaged parts should be repaired or replaced
  6. Explain the differences between flat-rate labor and overlap labor time when estimating
  7. Explain the general purpose of damage estimates
  8. Manually and electronically prepare an estimate
  9. Outline the sequence for evaluating vehicle damage
  10. Recognize that accurate and complete information is the basis for effective decision-making